Doron/Thomson Simulator Control Systems

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MDS Simulator Control System Advantages

Many older simulators have worn out control systems that are difficult if not impossible to service or replace. The MDS Simulator Control System completely replaces the control system on older Doron and Thomson capsule simulators.

Digital playback conversion lowers operating costs and provides greater reliability and more flexibility. Let your customers choose which experience they want. Switch from one experience to another at the touch of a button!

The package comes with a digital playback system containing ten fully programmed ride experiences. Our unique computer control system comes complete with directions on how to program the motion, so you can modify it for your own needs. With this system, you can create your own experiences, have them digitized, and program them yourself. You can also buy any experience from any source, have it digitized, and then program it the way you want it!

MDS Simulator Control System Includes:

  • Computer control system for hydraulics and movie programs. Includes computer (specify rackmount to go in existing rack or laptop for mobile simulators) and motion control software.
  • Control box - includes control board and plug-and-play control box.
  • 10 programmed movies (perpetual license - no renewal fees)

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