3D/4D/5D Theaters


High Appeal

People everywhere are excited about the latest high-tech 3D experiences. 3D theaters have become some of the most popular attractions at major theme parks, where people stand in line for hours to enjoy a 3D show.

With the 3D EFX Thunder Theatre, 3D experiences are no longer limited to the major parks. Family entertainment centersand other location-based entertainment facilities can offer exciting state-of-the-art 3D with full environmental effects!

High Throughput and Flexibility

Throughput is a critical factor for location-based entertainment. In surprisingly little space, you can accommodate hundreds of people per hour. And the theatre can be configured to fit almost any space, both existing and new construction.

Low Cost

The 3D Thunder Theatre is the most cost-effective entertainment value today. The price per seat is a fraction of the motion simulators and large-format theatres. With our theatre planning worksheets and software, you can design your own custom 3D EFX Theatre with seating capacity, projection system, and effects options to suit any budget.

Technology and EFX

Digital video technology, high-resolution video projection, and special computerized show control systems allow seamless integration of stunning 3D video and environmental effects.

In the 3D EFX Theatre, audiences enjoy vibrating ("thunder") seats, wind effects, in-your-face water misters and air jets, fog and strobe effects, and more! Everyone has a great time -- and they'll want to do it again and again.

EFX Seats


Seat EFX Options

Seat Color Options


Theater Control System

The Theater Control System from Multi-Dimensional Studios is based on a rackmount computer server system. The system can use two controller boards to provide synchronized motion and theater EFX (effects) that are timed to a 3D ride movie. The combination of a 3D movie and theater EFX is sometimes called "4D" while motion adds another dimension, making the attraction "5D."


  • Controlled by Windows® computer system (RS-232/USB adapter)
  • 16 12v DC outputs (to control theater EFX using individual relays)
  • 8 5v DC inputs (emergency stop buttons, control switches)
  • Powered by 12v DC power
  • Supports up to 8 motion cylinders
  • LED indicators to indicate cylinder movement
  • Complete feedback loop system